Pariel Marcus

Texts from the Library of Livenston
Name: Pariel Marcus
Age: 28
Race: Human
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 150lbs

Pariel is a glib man, quick witted and quick to anger. He has created a reputation among those outside the King and his Guard as being able to make any enemy his friend and ally. Beware his sharp tongue and his silver-tongued promises.

No reports available.

Pariel studied at the Academy of Magic in Livenston at the very young age of 8. Intelligence gathered from his fellow students paints the picture of a boy of poverty. He dressed in rags and all his materials were on loan from the Academy. His parents were poor farmers from the town of Amenshia. Strangely enough, tuition records show that the tuition was all paid for, up front.

All reports from his instructors suggested that Pariel was incredibly talented in the ways of magic, inately so. Furthermore, his magic prowess was complemented by his ability with the bow and blade. All recorded duels show a win for Pariel.

Shortly after graduation, Pariel returned home to discover the events leading up to the Schism. For more information see entries regarding the Sarieon Freedom Force.

~authored, Isaac Ameal

Pariel Marcus

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