The Schism is an event that occured a little over 15 years ago. While no one can say for a fact what happened in the village of Amenshia all can agree on the results. The village was destroyed in one night leaving no survivors to tell its tale. Pariel Marcus was the first to arrive on the scene of the destroyed village. Pariel had returned home after a year away at the Guard Academy the morning after the incident. What he found brought the man to his knees. Where once was a small, but thriving village was now nothing but a blackened, charred crater.

Inside the sunken depression Pariel found remains of those he once called friends and family. One more item remained inside the crater, an item that didn’t belong. The tabard of a royal Guard hung tattered on the charred corpse of a man. Pariel blamed the king and his men. He vowed vengeance, claiming that in the king’s tyrannical control of the countryside he had damned and demolished those who had spoken against him. One year later Pariel formed the Sarieon Freedom Force.

Responding to the incident and the threat of rebellion King Feriou XXII sent a small regiment of his best men to investigate the claims of one of his own tabards being sighted at the crater. It took one month before his men returned. Amro D’tan was the only one to return. One of Feriou’s most trusted men, and winner of the Guard’s Cup 3 years running, D’tan is an extremely accomplished swordsmen. Upon his return D’tan revealed what had happened on the journey. When D’tan and his men arrived at the crater they were ambushed by Pariel and several locals from farms near Amenshia. His men managed to capture the offending cloth, but not without losses. The trip back was worse; he reported men missing in the night while on watch and even watching his own men shot down while on horse back. D’tan told the king he could not stop to retrieve his men, no matter how badly he wished, because the tabard’s return was more important.

After the report King Feriou ordered his guard to capture and execute any and all involved on the attack. The Purge, as it has become known, continues to his day and very well may have been Feiou’s biggest folly.
The tattered tabard hangs in the great hall of Castle Feriou. The king claims it to be a shoddy fake, however, he has allowed no experts a chance to inspect the tabard closely.


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